ONE OK ROCK Headlines Magazine Interview Hong Kong


Released:  February 20, 2016

中文- ENG translation by:  @jiashuais


2016 One Ok Talk!

Q: In your new album 35XXXV, the prelude is the theme song 35XXXV which is an instrumental arranged by Taka, and also serves as a welcoming punch for Take Me To The Top, what exactly motivated you to do it this way?


TAKA: I believe when we are watching a movie, at the start, a music would lead us along to the contents of the film, then the scenes would play out. I wrote this segment and Take Me To The Top as a complete set in sequence. I want to express how it is in an intro of a movie, I love watching movies, and this kind of intro has a great feel to it so I made it like that.


Q: In this album, you worked along with Colin Brittain, who also collaborated with 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Used…how was the process?


TAKA: We knew about Colin Brittain because of John Feldmann, we also worked with John on our previous album, and he recommended Colin to us, we met later on, found out that our tastes were quite similar, so we then decided to work together in a way where we could freely express (ourselves) and everyone could give their comments.


Q: One OK Rock plus John Feldmann and Colin Brittain how was the interaction for you?


TAKA: We worked together for three songs in this album, Take Me To The Top, Cry Out also, and so on. At the start of making every song, I would first suggest the direction and the style that I wanted, and even wrote parts of it, then discussed it along with John and Colin, (until) the result of the work we’ve made are satisfactory.


Q: Last year was One OK Rock’s 10th anniversary, you guys once said that you wish to go international, and you’ve truly made it, what are your feelings in the 10 years that passed by?


TAKA: 10 years already?


TORU: Yeah, that was quite fast; looking back, the four of us moved forward together, and honestly, if there was anyone of us (four) missing, we really won’t achieve what we have today. We are able to reach this day because we share the same goal, I also believe that if the four of us exist together, nothing could stop us.


Q: Your new album has reached first place in Oricon, which is an improvement compared to some of your previous albums which only peaked at second, do you feel that being a champion is really important to this band or to the musicians?


TAKA: I like to be a winner, and for this album to bag the crown, we are of course very happy, but actually it doesn’t really matter to us, because in this kind of competition you would only experience short-lived achievements, and it’s not permanent, so we don’t really care too much about this.


Q: You guys went on overseas tours for these past few years, what do you think is your biggest gain from performing in foreign countries?


TAKA: Performing lives in foreign countries have made us love our Japanese fans even more, because they are very special, and they fully support us. In foreign countries, the atmosphere and the reaction of the fans echoes their own culture. While being on tour, we can also get a good grasp and understanding of the market there, this is our greatest advantage.


Q: From you past overseas performances, is there a show that’s particularly unforgettable? And every time, did you get the feeling of wanting to surpass the last performance?


TAKA: It’s actually very hard to choose one, but we do hope to continue touring, though it would continue to be very difficult to pick a memorable performance this way- this has become our drive to go on tour. In every performance, I need to surpass the previous one, this is actually my motto, “Today must be better than yesterday.”


Q: Any news about recording a new album?


TAKA: Yeah, there will be new music coming out, everyone shall see it this year in 2016.


Q: I would like to ask Ryota: You’ve said before that Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers greatly inspired you to play the bass, how did it happen? A lot of people would say that playing the bass is relatively an inferior position compared to that of others onstage, what do you think of this statement? Why did you still choose to play the bass? Many bassists would say that the sound of bass is similar to a heartbeat, do you feel this way too?


RYOTA: Haha, I’ve always loved Flea, he really influenced me, so much that I wanted to copy his wild actions and movements when playing onstage, he is very cool. At first, I actually did not play bass, Toru then suggested that since I already love Flea, I should seriously pick up the bass, and I ended up playing it till this day. Heartbeat, I haven’t felt it like this (he was touching his chest), and haven’t heard it from anyone, but if one thinks that it is indeed real, then one can express their true feelings.


Q: Toru, you love Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters, was it particularly influenced by Billy Corgan and Dave Grohl?


TORU: I like Foo Fighters, not as individual members but the band as a whole, from the way they perform to their attitude towards music, I think it’s very good. Actually, there are many names (bands) that are also like them overseas.


Q: Do you still love Gibson Les Paul guitars the most? Your first guitar was a Gibson right? How many guitars do you have now?


TORU: That’s right, this is one of my favorite brands, but this guitar is very heavy, so I seldom play it now, and yes, my first guitar was a Gibson. Oh, I think I have around 15 guitars already.


Q: A question for Tomoya, you have always been the most low-key among the team, and it’s quite hard to find your information online, is your character really like this?

(T/N: I think the interviewer meant that the other 3 were already celebrities so their info were readily available.)


TOMOYA: (Everyone was laughing at this point) Really? Why is that? I often appear on Instagram, I always upload photos!


RYOTA: Honestly, it seems like we also don’t know what you like and which musicians you love, you really are very low-profile! (Everyone laughs again.)


Q: Okay then I will ask you, who’s your favorite drummer?


TOMOYA: No one in particular, it’s just that when we were performing overseas last year, we were able to meet different bands and watch their performances, I found that every band formed has their own special flavor, and every musician has their own character. I believe that this is the reason for their success. I gained a lot from them, so it’s pretty difficult to pick out a name.


Q: Okay then, this is the last question, how would you describe the relationship of the members among One OK Rock? Brothers, family, or just working partners?


TAKA: I think you’ve said it all, honestly, I spend much more time with the members than my family, so we are all very close, although we do not share the same blood, but we have a really deep connection.


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      1. WOW.. really ? Yes.I’m in Cebu right now but actually, my hometown is Bacolod…good to know , that we love the same band..rock on !


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